8 Tested Crazy Life Hacks For Women Verified and Proven

Life is tough without makeup, hair and skin issues for girls in this world. Looking gorgeous and smelling incredible is every girl’s dream. These beauty tips and tricks make your lives easier as girls. Try these tips for yourself and see if they get you glammed up for good.

Hide Eye Dark Circles

Do your dark circles make people horrify? Does your boyfriend ignore you because of scary eyes? We will tell you easy dark under eyes hack.

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and cold water.
  • Apply moisturiser. For even skin and long-lasting makeup, a primer can be used.
  • Put on foundation
  • Choose a concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin.
  • Set your undereye concealer with powder. Blend thoroughly.
  • Shimmering beige or white eye shadow can be applied to your tear duct area.
  • Highlight cheekbones.

Drawing Wings with a Spoon

Are you a beginner to eye makeup? We will help you to get luscious eyes with an easy hack for eyeliners.

Draw identical wings in the first attempt by a regular spoon. Press the spoon close to your eyebrows and had very simple wings. You will practice and can use this hack .it really works.

Increasing Lip Size Drastically

For increasing one’s lip size. Just make a line with a pencil.

Draw a special pattern on the lips

Cover it with a lighter lipstick and put some lip-gloss on the top.

Your lips really did look bigger. You looked as if you would just visit a cosmetologist. This life hack works.

Using duct tape for creating even cheekbone tone-

Blogger Huda Kattan invented this method.

You must put 2 pieces of tape on each face.

put some shades on the triangle. Remove the tape and even out to hide the clear lines.

This contouring looks very natural. There is a reason why this life hack is so popular-it works.

For Eye instant lift-

Use your highlighter just above the arch of your brows and blend it out.it will give a dramatic appearance to your face.

Apply the lipliner after lipstick-

However, it sounds odd, but according to some experts, if you put lipstick first and then go for the lipliner, you will know exactly how to line.

Follow the correct order-

For getting the best finish, it is important to follow the right order of applying makeup.it is suggested by the beauty experts to start with your eyebrows. In fact, it is better if you do foundation, concealer and powder in the end to cover up all mistakes.

Heat your eyelash curler-

Blow your hair dryer on the curler before curling your lashes. The heat will help you to get perfectly curled lashes instantly. Avoid too much heating.

Make it long Laster-

For keeping your lipstick for a long time, dab a little translucent powder onto your lips after applying lipstick. A colourless eyeshadow can also be used for this purpose.

Use baby thicker powder for lashes-

To plump your eye lashes up, follow this technique. A coat of mascara is applied and then dust some baby powder over it. Then apply second coat.it will instantly give your lashes a dramatic volume.

Makeup world is huge and magnificent. Explore the world and keep discovering new ideas to define yourself through makeup. Hoping these tips will help u to look beautiful and charming.