Does the Upright Go Posture Corrector work?

There are a lot of posture correcting products in the market but many of them fail to deliver their promised results. Is the UPRIGHT GO posture corrector just another gadget in the sea of trendy tech or does it actually deliver results?

The UPRIGHT GO is a posture product made by UPRIGHT that’s designed to correct bad posture by helping you form a habit of good posture.

Here at Yogi Approved, we are all about leading a healthy yoga lifestyle, and part of that is being mindful of how we treat our bodies because we understand the importance of a healthy body for a healthy life.

That’s why we were excited to check out the UPRIGHT GO. Read on for our experience and feedback after we had a chance to use it ourselves.

The Important Health Benefits of Good Posture

In yoga it has been said that you can measure your age by the health of your spine. Applying that to posture, the better posture you can maintain throughout your life, the better and the healthier you will feel.

Yoga places a huge emphasis on physical alignment and body awareness in general.

Posture is closely connected to our yoga practice because it requires mindfulness, and when we slouch, we close off our heart chakra. Energetically this closes us off to giving/receiving love but also decreases our energy levels, confidence and overall feeling of wellbeing.

We Review the Posture Corrector UPRIGHT GO

According to the website, the UPRIGHT GO claims to help improve your posture and form a positive, lasting change by creating a habit of good posture.

We checked it out for ourselves, and the results are in.

How the UPRIGHT GO Helps You Improve Your Posture

Many posture products on the market improve your posture while you wear them. While that’s certainly helpful, this approach doesn’t necessarily stay with you once you take it off.

How the UPRIGHT GO Posture Corrector Works

The first thing we noticed about this posture corrector is how easy it is to use. UPRIGHT GO is ready right out of the box. You’ll download the free app and enter some general info about yourself like height, weight, age etc.

Then you start your training plan. Each training day has a specific goal of total ‘training time’ (time you wear your Upright).

You’ll then be guided through a quick tutorial of how to use UPRIGHT GO. After that, you’re ready to connect your Go to your app. You’ll apply the Go directly to your upper back with its hypoallergenic adhesive, and you’re ready to start using it.

The UPRIGHT GO Has 2 Modes:

1. Training: This mode has a vibration feedback on so you’ll feel it when you start to slouch.

2. Tracking: Switch to Tracking mode anytime you know you won’t be able to be engaged in your training or when you’re done for the day.

What Makes the UPRIGHT GO Different From Other Posture Correctors?

Our favorite feature of this posture product is that it creates a habit – you don’t become reliant on it for better posture, but instead it teaches you how to maintain proper posture.

It helps you form a lasting habit through mind/body connection as opposed to something you simply become reliant on using.