Best Season to Visit Coorg


Coorg a small hill town popular for its world-class coffee plantations,captivating views, waterfalls and soothing climate.This place is one of the country’s famous tourist destination and considered as the one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. This beautiful destination is ideal for camping and outdoor activities. There are so many beautiful places in Coorg where you can feel the nature beauty, greenery. It is also  known as Scotland of India. The best time to visit Coorg is October to May but every season has its own charm.

  1. Winters 

Coorg is ideal to be visited by honeymooners in Winters. The minimum temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius while the maximum stays up to 25 degrees Celsius. The cozy temperature keeps the romance electrifying and apart from adoring the several attractions you can enjoy a delicious coffee or a bonfire in the amazing weather. Beginning from December and leading up to February, winter afternoons are comfortable and nights are chilly. It never gets too cold here instead it is always enjoyable


  1. Monsoon 

Coorg boasts its greenest version during the Monsoons. The months range from June to September during which the Western Ghats witnessed refreshing rain showers now and then. As monsoons progress, one can expect showers more than 400 mm. This is an off season that further makes it an ideal one for budget travelers. Also, during monsoons, activities like river rafting, canoeing, and kayaking are very popular as the rivers and streams are highly water fed and there are many places to visit in Coorg, Hence, if you’re willing to travel on a budget or desire to try out various activities then Monsoons are ideal for a visit. 


  1. Summers 

Just like all the other hill stations, Summers are ideal to visit Coorg. The weather conditions are cool and soothing. Tourists prefer visiting Coorg in Summers to escape the heat and pollution of the plains. Nestled at an elevation of 3840 feet, the summers feature temperature that ranges from 20 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius. The afternoons might get a bit heated up but the evenings, nights and mornings are pleasant and blissful. The lush greenery is covered with a slim lining of mist and the views of the valleys and mountains are absolutely stunning.