5 Unbeatable Best Perfume For Women Under 1500 For Indian Summer To Buy Online 2019

Perfumes are not only a way to give a good impression of your personality but it also makes you feel refreshed and good till it last. Choosing a light or strong fragrance is totally depend on you but it is important to pick the right and long lasting fragrance perfume. Let’s look at the buying guide for the best perfume for women under 1500. But before this, we have to know about the different varieties of fragrance.

Different varieties of fragrance notes

Before finding out your favourite fragrance first we have to understand the different fragrance families that every scent belongs to.

Floral Fragrance

Floral fragrance is the most popular and widely used note among women enriched with fruity or spicy hints. It is considered to be sweet smelling like roses, jasmine, orange blossoms and romantic.

Oriental Fragrance

Oriental fragrance is ideal for one who wants to be bold, warm and sensual. Ingredients like cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, musk are often seen in oriental perfumes. They are a mix of earthy and musky fragrance.

Citrus Fragrance

Citrus fragrance is the fresh perfumes come from oranges, lemons, grapefruit and other fruits. Infused with the tangy fragrance of citrus fruits, these perfumes are energetic and lively.

Woody fragrance

Woody fragrance is opted by women for an evening. They are the combination of citrus and floral that lacks the sweetness of other families. Musky notes present in it gives a sophisticated essence to the perfume.


1. Marks & Spencer Rose Eau De Toilette

  • Marks and spencer has a floral feminine fragrance, perfect for hangout.
  • Top notes consists of fresh pear and aromatic current
  • Middle note has a romantic blend red rose,  jasmine and bright lily.
  • Base notes consists of Sandal, moss and musk.

Price: Rs. 1299

Quantity: 100ml

2. United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Live Free Eau De Toilette

  • Energetic feminine fragrance dedicated to the woman who always stays positive.
  • Feminine fragrance had a top note of fresh green apple, yuzu and tea leaves.
  • Heart note is a blend of Cardamom and orange blossom.

Price: Rs. 1400

Quantity: 80ml

3. All Good Scents Rose Eau De Parfum for Women

  • All good scent rose eau de parfum has a sensual and sultry fragrance that will boost your evening.
  • Aroma of Freshly Cut blossoming Roses, lily of valley and vanilla will make you smell like a dream!
  • A romantic mixture of fresh rose, lotus and jasmine blended with lily of valley.
  • Base Notes is a blend of rice vanilla and rice powder.

4.  Oriflame Delicate Cherry Blossom Natural Spray For Women

  • Oriental cherry blossom perfume is a long lasting floral feminine fragrance.
  • Mix of almond, cherry blossom and cedar, this heady mix is ideal for date night
  • Romantic, sensual and magical fragrance

Price: Rs. 1100

Quantity: 50ml

5. Charlie Red by Revlon

  • Fragrance consists of fresh rose and violet mix with lily of the valley and plum.
  • Richness is added by undertones such as plum and citrus.
  • Fragrance is perfect for work, casual dinners, formal events and for daily use.

Price: Rs. 672

Quantity: 100ml