How many skincare products are you using on a daily basis? Are you sure that you really need all these products? Truth is, we waste millions of dollar every year on futile beauty items that don’t even really minimize our pores, plump our cheeks, or remove those little wrinkles around our eyes. Do we really try to think carefully before buying these products and are we just using our eyes that are gravitated to cute packagings and colourful ads on TV? 

We’re here to guide you on what beauty products you really don’t need because either they don’t really function or could effortlessly be replaced by something else. 


This product is just another method for the beauty industry to rob our wallets. Although they are marketed for the “sensitive eye area”, try to think about it again, if your constant moisturizer causes bring irritation around your eyes, then it’s probably going to irritate the rest of your face. It may not affect your skin at first, but in the long run that chronic irritation can result for a difficult process for your skin to repair itself which will just lead to wrinkles and acne. Do you really want to pay for that? 

Try to buy moisturizers that don’t contain irritants such as fragrance. Do you prefer heavier hydration around the eye area? You may pat some basic use-everywhere emollient such as glycerin cream over the moisturizer to seal it in. 


Lip primers are normally used to “lock-in” colour and avert feathering, but if you’re paying anywhere between $10 and $30 for an outcome that you can achieve with what you probably already have in your makeup bag, maybe it’s time to think about it. You may use the budge-proof technique by applying your favourite lip balm and let it sit there for some time. Blot your lips using a tissue, dab lips with a bit of foundation or concealer, then start lining it with a lip pencil. After that, fill in with lipstick, blot, put some powder, and top it off with a final coat of lipstick. 


These products are a typical example of a beauty product that will make you feel good but it’s totally unnecessary. You may reason out that your skin will get dry, oily, rough, without your weekly mask. This actually sounds more of an excuse because your regular routine should be sufficient to keep your skin issues in check. Instead, do a regular exfoliation that will normally reduce the issues we try to treat with masks.

Also, use a daily cream if your oily skin loves the spotless feeling of a clay mask, and a regular salicylic (beta hydroxy) acid product to keep your pores clear. 


Are you tossing plenty of money for a facial wash? It would probably be best to save your money instead. This doesn’t mean that the costly ones do not work well. It’s just the ingredients in a face wash that are truly beneficial to the skin come in very simple, cheaper alternatives. The packaging, brand name, and unnecessary ingredients are the reasons why it becomes expensive. Try this facial cleanser instead: 


Do you also feel self-conscious even if just one or two pimples pop in your face out of nowhere? When this happens, people would head over to the local drugstore or pharmacy to get benzoyl and salicylic acid since they are both available over the counter. Although both of these can treat mild to moderate acne problems, you shouldn’t be going overboard. Be aware to not use both of them at the same time because it can give you excessive peeling, redness, irritation, and dryness. 

We suggest that you use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid during the day as spot treatments, then use Retin-A before going to be as an overnight treatment.

It’s important to know if something is working for you or not because at the end of the day, you know your skin better than anyone else. 

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