5 Must-Have Lehenga Choli Accessories for Every Bride Inspired By Popular Instagram Theme 2022

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Lehenga choli is the most popular bridal wear option for the wedding day. But fashion is never constant and with changing times, lehenga choli has been through many transformations and brides can use multiple accessories available today. A Bride’s lehenga adds grace and charm to the glowing bride’s look and the accessories that go with it also speaks about her individualistic style.

1. Maang Tikka

Jewellery is a significant part and every piece holds its own importance for the bride. Not only does a maang teeka get noticed by one and all fairly quickly, but it even adds a royal appeal to your overall look. However, one has got to be quite wise while picking the maang teeka, as the wrong choice can ruin your entire efforts.

Shilda Shetty in her wedding wore a maang tikka which was in gold with two chains, giving an authentic South Indian touch. The centerpiece had rubies and emeralds embedded in it to complement the wedding dress. Another piece of the latest fashion jewellery is the nawabi-style half matha patti, worn in a side-swept style, which creates a majestic look.

2. Bindi

Any Indian bride’s make up is incomplete without a beautiful bindi adorning her forehead. Yet, it is one of the most neglected accessories.


One of the most characteristic features of an Indian bride’s face are these small red and white bindis, which, over the course of time, have become more ornate.

The stylish bindis have metamorphosed into art and simple red and white kumkum bindis have given way to sticker gems of different colours and patterns.


However, any Bengali bride wears ornately painted red and white bindis as a part of their custom. Bindis are an integral part of the traditional ‘solah shirngaar’ of brides.




3. Nathni – Bridal Nose Ring


The Nath which is popularly known as nose ring is an integral part of any bride’s makeup and accessories. Nose rings or Nose studs come in different shapes, colours and styles.

Brides match these nose rings or ‘naths’ with their bridal jewellery set. While the simple nath designs are made in gold, there are ornate designs available which are embellished with various precious and semi-precious stones.

4. Kamarband or waistband

And the interesting thing is that you can throw on these trinkets with your saree, lehenga or even your one-piece ethnic gown. The kamarbandh went out of fashion for a while.

When designers like Sabhyasachi and Manish Malhotra introduced these waistbands in their bridal collection, brides started seeking them out again.



5. Payal

Hola brides, You must be spoilt for choice with the breathtaking varieties of neckpieces, bracelets and earrings to adorn yourself with. But the need of the hour is to choose something that’s cool and in trend. So, the anklets are back in trend. Yes, you read it right. In fact, Amrapali Jewellers has come out with a range of vintage payals, we think every bride should have in her accessory collection.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got the ideas. Hop on to Instagram and start saving yourself some inspirations for accessories. While we are at it, you may also be interested in reading our post about the most popular wedding themes in 2019

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