Dubai Fashion Bloggers: Unveiling Style Icons of the Emirates


In the age of social media, fashion blogging has become a powerful platform for style enthusiasts to share their creativity and influence trends. Dubai, known for its vibrant fashion scene, is home to a plethora of fashion bloggers who have made a mark not only in the Middle East but globally. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most influential Dubai fashion bloggers who are setting style trends and captivating audiences with their unique fashion perspectives.

The Pioneers

1. Karen Wazen

Karen Wazen Karen Wazen, often referred to as the “Queen of Dubai Fashion Bloggers,” is a trailblazer in the industry. With her impeccable style and eye-catching photography, she has amassed a massive following. Karen’s blog covers everything from haute couture to everyday chic, making her a fashion icon in the region.

2. Nadya Hasan

Nadya Hasan Nadya Hasan is known for her bold and experimental fashion choices. Her blog, “The Fierce Diaries,” is a testament to her fearless approach to style. Nadya’s influence extends beyond fashion, as she also discusses beauty, travel, and lifestyle on her platform.

The Modest Fashionistas

3. Ascia AKF

Ascia AKF Ascia AKF is a prominent figure in the modest fashion scene. Her blog showcases how modesty can be trendy and chic. Ascia’s impeccable layering and fusion of cultural elements in her outfits have garnered her a dedicated following, inspiring women worldwide.

4. Dalal Aldoub

Dalal Aldoub Dalal Aldoub is celebrated for her elegant and modest style. Her blog, “Dalalid,” is a treasure trove of fashion tips and outfit inspirations for those who prefer dressing conservatively without compromising on fashion.

The Street Style Enthusiasts

5. Ahmed Al-Nasheet

Ahmed Al-Nasheet Ahmed Al-Nasheet, known as “DVLZGame” on social media, is a Dubai-based fashion influencer who specializes in street style. His edgy and urban looks resonate with the youth culture and have earned him a strong fan base.

6. Latifa Al Shamsi

Latifa Al Shamsi Latifa Al Shamsi is a rising star in the street style blogging scene. Her unique blend of high-fashion pieces with streetwear creates a style fusion that appeals to fashion-forward individuals.

The Luxury Aficionados

7. Lana El Sahely

Lana El Sahely Lana El Sahely, although based in Beirut, frequently collaborates with Dubai’s luxury fashion scene. Her blog, “L’Armoire De Lana,” is a lavish journey through high-end fashion and luxury travel, making her a prominent figure in the region’s luxury circles.

8. Tamara Al Gabbani

Tamara Al Gabbani Tamara Al Gabbani is a Dubai-based fashion and jewelry designer, and her blog reflects her love for luxury fashion and accessories. Her sophisticated style and passion for all things elegant have garnered her a dedicated following.


Dubai’s fashion bloggers are not just influencers; they are style icons who have redefined fashion in the region. From modest fashion to street style and luxury, these bloggers cater to diverse tastes and inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


1. How can I follow these Dubai fashion bloggers on social media?

You can easily follow these bloggers on social media platforms like Instagram, where they regularly share their fashion insights and style inspirations.

2. Do these bloggers collaborate with fashion brands?

Yes, many Dubai fashion bloggers collaborate with renowned fashion brands, both locally and internationally, to create unique and stylish content.

3. Are there Dubai-based fashion events that these bloggers attend?

Absolutely! Dubai hosts various fashion events, and you can often spot these bloggers attending and covering them.

4. Can I get fashion advice from these bloggers?

Yes, these bloggers often share fashion tips, outfit ideas, and style advice on their blogs and social media platforms.

5. How can I connect with these bloggers for collaborations or inquiries?

You can reach out to these bloggers through their official websites or social media accounts for collaboration inquiries and other questions.

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