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Hair is a gift of God and it can be twisted and turned in a millions ways to make hairstyles. A good Hairstyle is really important for an appealing and attractive look. A perfect hairstyle must compliment the overall the personality of a person and amongst all the other factors, the length of the hair also matters a lot when it comes to deciding on a hairstyle. 

A medium length hair also known as mid length hair opens up a wide range of hair styles options in front of us since it is easy to maintain and the ideal length for any hair type. Medium hair length suits almost all face shapes and the hairstyles too create a lasting impression. 

Here is a list of stunning and beautiful hairstyles for medium length hair to match any occasion 

Side braids

Side braid is one of the most graceful hair styles for medium length hair. It gives a delicate and stylish look to your hair. This hairstyle is best suited for wavy and curly hair types and it is ideal for round, oval and long face shapes. This hairstyle could easily go with all outfits and is well suited for ladies of most age groups.

High Ponytail

Although High ponytails is one of the most common hair styles but it suits almost everyone and gives a classy look. This is an ideal hair style for formal occasions like office events but also gives an elegant look with gowns for evening parties. Quite popularly this hairstyle keeps the hair manageable and intact all day avoiding hair troubles. This hair style can be worn as regular wear and best suits oval and long face shapes. It is ideal for summer season and women from all age groups can try it on.

French Twist

This is one of the timeless and most elegant hair styles for medium length hair. French twist is a simple hairdo but requires some practice initially. It is perfect for occasion such as festivals, weddings and parties etc. This vintage hair style adds grace and class to your personality and compliments any attire. It best compliments wavy and straight hair types with round or long face shapes. This beautiful hair style adds grace to women of all age groups. 

Half Crown Style

This hair style gives a bold and classy look which leaves lasting impression. Though it requires little practice to master the look but it leaves a lavishing effect of your personality. This hair style is popular for special occasions and parties and suits teenagers and young adults. Ideal for wavy and straight hair, it highly compliments oval, round and long face. 

Straight Layers

Straight layers give a simple and elegant look to the overall personality and it is also easy to manage for medium length hair. This open hair style adds value to all outfits and suits all occasions as well. It could be worn in weddings, parties and daily use. Also, it suits ladies of most age groups and suits all face shape. 

These are some simple hacks for hairstyles for women with medium hair length.

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