Women Perfume Under 1000Women Perfume Under 1000

A fragrance is a good way of setting up your mood. Perfumes are something more than just fragrance. Your fragrance creates an impression of your personality. While talking about perfume, we cannot compromises on its aroma. Now, you don’t need to spend a large amount of money to buy a perfume that lasts for a long time. Spend only a little amount of money on perfume to smell good all day. 

5 Things to consider while buying perfume online

Picking a good quality perfume in little amount is actually a tough task. The fragrance of the perfume can affect us both emotionally and physically, so we should choose a fragrance to strengthen and enhance our wellbeing.

  1. Select a perfume which has a higher concentration of fragrance and will last longer.
  2. To estimate any fragrance you must first smell it on a smelling strip then apply on your skin to see how it evolves over time.
  3. After sampling 3 to 4 fragrance ask for coffee beans. Coffee beans will help you to neutralize your smell then you can continue to smell more fragrances.
  4. While sampling a perfume, keep changing your trying spots. Don’t be stuck on your wrist.
  5. Don’t forget to check the perfume intensity.

Top 5 Perfume for Women Under 1000 Hottest Deal

Let’s begin our list for top 5 perfumes for ladies under Rs. 1,000 only.

1. Revlon Charlie gold perfume

Revlon Charlie gold perfume
  • An oriental floral fragrance for women
  • The top note is a mix of orange, plum and peach to create an elegant and fun atmosphere.
  • The middle note is floral with a powdery combination of freesia, rose, violet and jasmine.
  • The closing notes include warm amber, fresh cinnamon, caramel, cedarwood and vanilla.

2.  Nike up & down perf EDT 

 Nike up & down perf EDT
  • Long lasting fragrance leaves you feeling refreshed
  • Experience a pleasant and light-hearted feminine aroma
  • Low cost and perfect gifting product
  • Smell of Nike up and does not too strong nor too mild.
  • Perfume for all those young ladies who have tasteful fragrance.

3. Lust By Sunny Leone Eau De Parfum For Women

  • Lusty trail of a fragrance that excites the mind
  • Soft and feminine scent of white flowers
  • Sweet smelling explosion of papaya flower & neroli leaves
  • White water lily and white amaryllis are perfectly blended
  • The scent is a unique balance of White flowers and Warm Musky notes with base notes of soft cashmere.

4. Avon Scent Essence Wild Bergamot

Avon Scent Essence Wild Bergamot
  • Having both fruity and floral feminine fragrance
  • Having feminine bouquet of dewy pony petals and pink freesias
  • Romantic, magical and sensual perfume
  • Base note is woodsy note
  • Middle note is tea
  • Top note is bergamot

5. Rasasi blue lady perfume EDP

rasasi blue lady perfume EDP
  • Fresh floral fragrance with fruity notes ideal for daily use
  • Top note is violet leaf, tuberose and orange blossom
  • Middle note is filled with peach, plum and jasmine
  • Base note is composed of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and musk

Hope you like our list of top 5 ladies perfume under Rs. 1,000. If you have any other suggestion we would like to hear.

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