The 10 best hairdressers in Lucknow

[The 10 Best Hairdressers in Lucknow]

Executive Summary

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is renowned for its vibrant culture and diverse culinary scene. However, beyond its culinary delights, Lucknow also boasts a thriving hairdressing industry. This article presents a comprehensive guide to the top 10 hairdressers in Lucknow, each offering a unique blend of expertise, services, and ambiance. Whether you seek a refreshing trim, a dramatic makeover, or a luxurious hair spa treatment, this article has the perfect recommendation for you.


Hairdressing has evolved into an art form, and Lucknow is home to some of the country’s most skilled hairdressers. From traditional salons to modern hair studios, the city offers a wide range of options to cater to diverse hair needs and preferences. Our top 10 picks have been carefully curated based on their expertise, customer reviews, and commitment to delivering exceptional hairdressing experiences.

Top 5 Hairdressers in Lucknow

1. Salon Bliss

Salon Bliss is a renowned hair salon in Lucknow known for its sophisticated ambiance and elite hairstylists. They specialize in creating fashionable haircuts, vibrant hair colors, and intricate hairdos for special occasions. Salon Bliss’s team of expert stylists is adept at understanding their clients’ unique hair needs and creating customized hair designs.

  • Signature Services: Bridal makeup, hair extensions, keratin treatments
  • Price Range: INR 1,000 – INR 3,000
  • Location: Hazratganj, Lucknow

2. The Hair Studio by Aashmeen Munjal

Aashmeen Munjal, a renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur, has established The Hair Studio as Lucknow’s go-to destination for unparalleled hair artistry. The salon offers a wide range of services, including hair cutting, styling, coloring, and hair treatments. Aashmeen’s passion for hair is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her ability to create transformative looks for her clients.

  • Signature Services: Color correction, hair extensions, bridal hair styling
  • Price Range: INR 1,500 – INR 4,000
  • Location: Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

3. Xpressions by AK

Xpressions by AK is a multi-award-winning salon known for its creative hair designs and personalized services. The salon’s team of highly skilled stylists specializes in creating custom haircuts, contemporary hair colors, and bridal hairdos. Xpressions by AK is also renowned for its excellent hair care treatments, ensuring that your hair looks healthy and vibrant.

  • Signature Services: Keratin treatments, scalp massages, facials
  • Price Range: INR 800 – INR 2,500
  • Location: Indira Nagar, Lucknow

4. Shades and Scissors

Established over a decade ago, Shades and Scissors has earned a reputation for its innovative hairdressing techniques and uncompromising quality. The salon’s experienced stylists are known for their precision haircuts, creative hair coloring, and celebrity-inspired hairstyles. Shades and Scissors also offers a range of hair treatments, including hair straightening, hair smoothing, and dandruff treatments.

  • Signature Services: Balayage, ombre, hair perming
  • Price Range: INR 700 – INR 2,000
  • Location: Aliganj, Lucknow

5. Snip and Style by Salon Ambience

Snip and Style by Salon Ambience offers a complete hair care solution under one roof. The salon’s team of professional hair stylists specializes in creating flattering haircuts, striking hair colors, and elegant hairdos. Snip and Style is also known for its extensive hair care services, such as hair spas, hair masks, and scalp treatments.

  • Signature Services: Bridal packages, hair extensions, makeup services
  • Price Range: INR 500 – INR 1,800
  • Location: Mahanagar, Lucknow


Lucknow’s hairdressing industry has something to offer everyone, whether you prefer traditional hairstyles, contemporary trends, or luxurious hair care treatments. Each salon on our list has its unique strengths and expertise, catering to various hairdressing needs and preferences. By choosing one of these top 10 hairdressers in Lucknow, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional hairdressing services and a memorable experience.

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