What is the cost of smoothening hair in Gurgaon?

Smoothening hair in Gurgaon can range in cost depending on the length, texture, and type of treatment desired. Generally, the cost for smoothening treatments in Gurgaon starts from around INR 3,000 and can go up to INR 12,000 or more.

Keratin treatments, which are a popular hair smoothing option, typically cost between INR 5,000 to INR 8,000. These treatments involve the application of a keratin solution to the hair, which helps to straighten and smooth the hair.

Cysteine treatments, another hair smoothing option, are slightly more expensive than keratin treatments and can cost around INR 6,000 to INR 10,000. Cysteine treatments are similar to keratin treatments but use a different type of amino acid to smooth the hair.

Other hair smoothing treatments, such as Japanese hair straightening or Brazilian blowouts, can also be available in Gurgaon and may have different cost ranges. It is recommended to consult with a professional hair stylist to determine the most suitable treatment and cost based on individual hair needs.## [What is the cost of smoothening hair in Gurgaon?]

Executive Summary

With its bustling streets and vibrant culture, Gurgaon has become a bustling hub for hair smoothening treatments. This article will provide an insider’s guide to the cost of smoothening hair in Gurgaon, covering the various factors that influence pricing and providing insights into the top-rated hair salons and their services. Whether you are a seasoned hair enthusiast or embarking on your first smoothening journey, this comprehensive guide will empower you to make an informed decision and achieve your desired tresses.


Smoothening hair has become an increasingly popular hair treatment in Gurgaon, offering a transformative solution for managing frizz, enhancing shine, and achieving a sleek, silky texture. With a multitude of salons offering this service, it is essential to consider the cost involved and choose the option that aligns with your budget and hair care goals.

Factors Affecting Cost of Hair Smoothening in Gurgaon

Salon Reputation and Expertise

Gurgaon boasts an array of hair salons, each with their unique reputation and level of expertise in hair smoothening. Renowned salons with experienced stylists tend to charge higher prices, but this often comes with the assurance of superior quality and long-lasting results.

Type of Smoothening Treatment

Various hair smoothening treatments are available, such as keratin and cysteine treatments. Keratin treatments typically cost more than cysteine treatments, but they offer longer-lasting results.

Hair Length and Thickness

The cost of hair smoothening is also influenced by the length and thickness of your hair. Longer and thicker hair requires more product and time, leading to higher overall costs.

Salon Location

The location of the salon can impact the cost of hair smoothening. Salons located in prime areas or shopping malls often charge higher prices compared to salons in less central areas.

Additional Services

Some salons offer additional services such as hair treatments, blowouts, or styling, which may incur additional charges. It is important to clarify the pricing for any additional services you may require.

Cost Range in Top Gurgao Salons

Lakme Signature Salon

  • Keratin treatment: INR 7,000-15,000
  • Cysteine treatment: INR 5,000-8,000

Tony & Guy

  • Keratin treatment: INR 8,000-18,000
  • Cysteine treatment: INR 6,000-10,000

Jean-Claude Biguine

  • Keratin treatment: INR 9,000-16,000
  • Cysteine treatment: INR 5,500-9,000

Geetanjali Salon

  • Keratin treatment: INR 6,000-12,000
  • Cysteine treatment: INR 4,000-7,000

Looks Salon

  • Keratin treatment: INR 5,000-10,000
  • Cysteine treatment: INR 3,500-6,000


Hair smoothening in Gurgaon is an investment that ranges from INR 3,500 to INR 18,000, depending on the factors discussed above. By considering salon reputation, hair type, treatment type, and additional services, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and hair goals. Embrace the transformative power of smoothening and enjoy the lustrous, manageable tresses you have always desired.

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