why women kill fashion todaywhy women kill fashion today

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, constantly changing and adapting to new trends and styles. However, some certain trends and styles seem to appear and disappear quickly, only to resurface years later. One of the reasons this happens is because women, as fashion consumers, have the power to influence the industry in significant ways.

One of the ways in which women “kill” fashion is by simply not buying into certain trends. When a trend or style doesn’t resonate with women, they won’t purchase it, causing it to lose popularity and eventually fade away. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as the trend being too impractical or uncomfortable to wear, or not fitting with the overall aesthetic or values of the individual.

Another way in which women kill fashion is by championing certain styles or designers. When women become passionate about a particular designer or style, they can help to elevate its popularity and status. This can happen through social media, word of mouth, or even celebrities wearing and promoting the style. As a result, the designer or style becomes more visible and desirable, causing it to become a trend and influencing the industry as a whole.

However, women also have the power to kill a trend or style by over-saturating the market with it. When a style becomes too popular or too mainstream, it can lose its edge and appeal. This often happens when fast fashion retailers mass-produce a popular style, causing it to become ubiquitous and ultimately unappealing.

In addition, women can also kill fashion by refusing to support brands or designers who don’t align with their values. With the rise of social media and increased awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion practices, women are becoming more mindful of the impact their fashion choices have on the environment and society as a whole. As a result, they are more likely to support brands and designers who prioritize sustainability, ethical practices, and diversity and inclusivity.

In conclusion, women have the power to shape and influence the fashion industry in many ways, both positively and negatively. Whether by championing certain styles and designers or refusing to support brands that don’t align with their values, women have the ability to impact the industry and shape the trends of the future.