Hottest List of Top 5 Best Women Perfume Under Rs. 500 Buy Online India at Best Price

women perfume under rs. 500
women perfume under rs. 500

Perfumes are the best companion for every woman. Perfume is the best thing that gives her body a pleasant fragrance. It acts as a signature fragrance that complements her personality. Everyone wants to smell amazing and for this, they want a pleasant smelling and long-lasting perfume. It is a better way to highlight your natural beauty. Every woman has her own taste as concerned with perfume.

Top 5 Women Perfume Under Rs. 500

Now, we don’t want to spend a lot of money on our daily fragrances. Check out the list of top 5 selling women’s perfume that came under rupees 500 only. 

1. Vanesa Envy Perfume for Women

Vanesa Envy Perfume for Women

Vanesa Envy Perfume for Women has a lovely fragrance that sparks the spirits and keeps fresh long-lasting. It has a very classic rich fragrance enriched with sandal and transparent musky notes.  It is a beautiful blend of floral notes with fresh citrus and green notes. The carnation with spices in the heart gives a very good accord to the perfume.

2. Versace V 19.69 Italia La Paradis Perfumed for Women

Versace V Italia la Paradis perfume has a rich and oriental fragrance perfect for the classy and mysterious woman. It has a rich oriental fragrance for women with fine taste. Its fragrance is long lasting, so it is a good choice for events and party you need to attend.

3. Fogg, I Am Queen Scent For Women

 Fogg perfume for women

Fogg claims a wide range of perfumes that keep us energetic and refresh. Having a floral scent a very strong perfume that lasts for long even in the pollution and traffic. It is suitable for all skin types and also offers antibacterial protection against body color. A strong aroma that makes it one of the best perfumes for women.

4. Engage Yang Eau de Parfum For Women

Engage perfume for Women

Engage yang Eau de perfume is a premium perfume with high fragrance concentration leading a long-lasting effect. Engage yang presents a fresh and irresistible fragrance that keeps you energetic all day long. It consists of refreshing and feminine fragrance with the hints of green apple notes.

5. W.O.W. Perfumes Purple Sin Rosy Floral for Women, 30ml

W.O.W. Perfumes Purple for women

W.O.W perfumes are ‘Purple Sin’ Perfume that is a rosy floral fragrance best suited for the women. Its fragrance has a sweet floral note at the heart and has a long-lasting which keeps you fresh throughout the day. This is the one long lasting perfumes for women in India under 500.

Hope you like our pick for the 5 best female perfume under 500. Our list