Shop From Indian Women-led Brands – Delhi

[Shop From Indian Women-led Brands – Delhi]

Executive Summary

Empower the enterprising spirit of Indian women entrepreneurs by supporting women-led brands in Delhi. Discover a curated collection of brands offering an array of products and services that celebrate creativity, sustainability, and social impact.


As consumers become increasingly mindful of their purchasing decisions, the demand for products and services aligned with personal values has surged. Supporting women-led businesses is not only an ethical choice but also a powerful way to foster economic empowerment and societal progress. In the vibrant metropolis of Delhi, numerous women-led brands are making a significant mark with their innovative products, inspiring stories, and commitment to making a positive impact.

Top 5 Women-led Brands in Delhi

Fashion and Lifestyle

  • Pero: A renowned label known for its vibrant, hand-block printed textiles and flowing silhouettes.
    • Intricate patterns inspired by traditional Indian crafts
    • Sustainable practices with natural dyes and organic fabrics
    • Empowering rural artisans through collaborations
  • Amrapali: An award-winning jewelry brand showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary designs.
    • Stunning collections using precious stones, gold, and silver
    • Promotes the preservation of traditional Indian jewelry techniques
    • Supports underprivileged women through vocational training

Home and Decor

  • Okhai: A social enterprise that collaborates with rural women artisans to create unique home textiles and accessories.
    • Beautiful hand-woven fabrics and intricate embroideries
    • Provides sustainable livelihoods to women in economically marginalized communities
    • Preserves traditional weaving techniques
  • Ikka Dukka: A quirky homeware brand that infuses Indian motifs with modern aesthetics.
    • Playful textiles, vibrant cushion covers, and charming ceramics
    • Supports local artisans and sourcing eco-friendly materials
    • Brings a touch of Indian heritage to contemporary homes

Food and Beverages

  • Gulab Sweets and Namkeen: A culinary legacy that has delighted Delhiites for generations.
    • Traditional Indian sweets and savories made with authentic recipes
    • Uses local and seasonal ingredients to maintain freshness
    • Known for its signature “gulab jamun” and “samosa”


Supporting women-led brands in Delhi is not just about making a purchase; it is an investment in the empowerment of women, the preservation of Indian culture, and the creation of a more equitable and sustainable society. Embrace the vibrant spirit of these brands and make a conscious choice to shop from businesses that are making a positive impact.

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